Getting the Sac: Insights into aneurysm treatment


It was a privilege to be the invited speaker to kick off the state MINA meeting today.

Ever been in a room full of people where you just click? That was the experience today. We all know the amazing things that Interventional Radiology can offer people. We all know the things that are possible with minimally invasive technology. We all know that these possibilities are under-utilised and much of this is due to the lack of awareness, both in the general public and even amongst the medical community. All in the room were passionate about the specialty and passionate about educating and delivering these innovations to their patients.

Aneurysms are often a silent, and potentially life-threatening condition. In the past, the treatments were potentially dangerous also, with open operations and quite major surgery. It really is amazing how far things have come. The fact that we can treat these patients, awake, without open incisions, without stitches, without prolonged hospital stays, would have been inconceivable, as recent as a decade ago. However, in the right hands these procedures are now efficient, effective and safe.

Sharing techniques and cases with colleagues was fun today, especially bearing in mind the scores of those present that I have had the privilege of working with before.

Please click the movie below to see a case of endovascular aneurysm treatment:

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