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Choose the least invasive option first!

Today, patients have the opportunity to access minimally invasive treatments that will minimise their pain, alleviate fear and improve recovery time.

At Sydney Medical Interventions your health is important to us and our goal is to help you understand how interventional radiology works, your healthcare choices and the role that we play in providing minimally invasive options as alternatives to more radical procedures and open surgery.

Why Choose Us?

  • Most procedures can be performed on an outpatient basis or require only a short hospital stay.
  • General anesthesia is not usually required (except in special circumstances).
  • Risk, pain and recovery are often significantly reduced.
  • Increases pain free mobility.
  • The procedures are frequently less expensive than surgery or other alternatives.
  • Small to no incisions.
  • Comprehensive follow up care to ensure optimal patient outcomes.
  • The use of the latest advancements in high-tech imaging equipment for the most accurate diagnosis and treatment.
  • Short waiting times to schedule procedures.


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